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19-year-old Benny is everything his cousin Chris is not; awkward, cautious, needy, and sensitive. It seems that Benny has always had the short end of the stick, forced to deal with an abusive mother and the resulting nightmares that always follow him to sleep. A sudden brush of fortune from a random lottery ticket may be the break that Benny needs. However, things take a sharp turn when Benny wakes up one day with a different body. Soon, he and his girlfriend, Vanessa exhibit strange behavior that put a twist to their sudden paradise. Questions are left unanswered, and it’s up to Benny to decide what and who to believe.

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Joy is different from most kids her age; she faithfully wears a hearing aid in each ear, despite being profoundly deaf. Although she deals with the struggle of being accepted by other kids, she learns she has the power to bring joy into her life, one day at a time.

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